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One of the mandates of the EWG is to provide a collaborative forum for open dialogue between the members of the EWG regarding all matters pertaining to the implementation of the EA Approvals and the environmental aspects of the Project. The group is intended to engage, collaborate and work constructively, in a timely way to ensure that any concerns raised by the MCFN, TTN and/or OPG are understood and addressed in a reasonable manner. Furthermore, the parties shall also seek to acknowledge and incorporate both indigenous knowledge and western scientific knowledge in any reviews, research, data collection, or reports that may be required of the project.

Stanley Louttit is Moose Cree First Nation's (MCFN) environmental coordinator for the Lower Mattagami River Project (LMRP). Stan has been involved in the project from the negotiation stage (2007) to the current implementation stage (2011) between MCFN and Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG). Stan co-represents the MCFN with other MCFN environment team members concerning all environmental aspects of the LMRP within the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and the Mattagami Extensions Coordinating Council (MECC).

Ian Desjardins is Taykwa Tagamou Nation's (TTN's) Environmental Coordinator and a representative at the Environmental Working Group for the Lower Mattagami River Project. He has been with the First Nation since August of 2011. As TTN,s representative at the EWG, Ian is actively engaged in communicating Taykwa Tagamou Nation’s interests in the environmental aspects of the Lower Mattagami River Project. This includes reporting, monitoring and review and dealing with other environmental aspects related with the project. Ian also acts as a technical resource for TTN's MECC representative on the Mattagami Extensions Coordinating Committee.

Ian has a degree in both Political Science and Gender Equality & Social Justice from Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario. He has advocated against domestic violence, promotes awareness in violence against women and has a strong interest in the preservation and protection of traditional knowledge and beliefs.

Edward Naval represents Ontario Power Generations on the Environmental Working Group for the Lower Mattagami River Project. He has been with Ontario Power Generation as an Senior Environmental Specialist since October 2010. Previously Edward Naval worked with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment from 2000 to 2008 and 2010 where he specialized on the coordination of the provincial environmental assessment process. Between 2008 and 2009, Edward Naval also worked for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Economic and Trade Branch in Geneva, Switzerland, focusing on Organic Agriculture and Biodiversity in Developing Countries, as well as UNEP's Global Green Economy Initiative.

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