The mandate of the MECC is to facilitate the successful implementation of the Terms and Conditions of EA Approval for the Lower Mattagami River Project.


The MECC was constituted prior to OPG giving notice that it intended to proceed with the LMRP.

The MECC shall continue to operate for 5 years after completion of the LMRP at which point the MECC will cease to operate. The MECC's traditional knowledge advisory function will be entirely with the Custodial Body upon dissolution of MECC. OPG will continue to make partial financial contributions to the annual operating costs of the Custodial Body, for the period of construction of LMRP and the New Post Creek Project, following which there will be a re-evaluation of the funding for the Custodial Body.


Paul Bagordo - Chairperson


Each of the following shall be entitled to membership on the MECC:

John Turner - Member for Moose Cree First Nation;

Gabriel Archibald - Member for Taykwa Tagamou Nation;

Jean Pierre Chabot - Member for MoCreebec Council of the Crees;

Jamey Deforge - Member for Ontario Power Generation Inc

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of the Environment, and Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada, shall be invited to participate as observers on the MECC and to provide support and advice, as required.

The Towns of Moosonee and Kapuskasing shall be invited to participate as observers on the MECC primarily to facilitate communication with the municipalities, and to provide support and advice, as required