The Lower Mattagami river generating complex presently owned and operated by Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG) consists of four generating stations: Little Long GS (138 MW), Smoky Falls GS (52 MW), Harmon GS (142 MW) and Kipling GS (154 MW) with a combined total installed capacity of 486 MW. Smoky Falls GS was constructed and placed in service in approximately 1931 by the Spruce Falls Paper Company. It was purchased by Ontario Hydro in the early 1990's with a view to redeveloping the site to expand its capacity so that it would be more in line with the other three stations. Ontario Hydro constructed and placed in service the Little Long GS, Harmon GS and Kipling GS in the early to mid 1960's. These stations were designed and constructed to incorporate up to two new units in the future. Currently the complex is severely constrained at Smoky Falls GS due to its limited capacity and lack of storage.

"LMRP" will add approximately 440 MW of new peaking capacity to the Existing Assets and allow more effective use of available water at all four stations.

Purpose of the MECC

The MECC is intended to be a review and advisory body to assist in ensuring that the Terms and Conditions of the EA Approval for the LMRP are adequately addressed. The Ministry of the Environment has legislative authority and oversight regarding compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the EA Approval.

The structure and composition of the MECC needs to be relevant and reflective of current relationships with First Nations and current regulatory regimes while maintaining the intended mandate of the MECC under the Terms and Conditions of EA Approval.

The primary role of the MECC is to facilitate the successful implementation of the Terms and Conditions of EA Approval and to act as a forum for the exchange and making available of information among the Proponent and the TTN, MCFN and MoCreebec communities (the "First Nation Communities") with respect to the LMRP.